The year that brought the lemons for me to make lemonade for you.

by Lacy Vannatta

Hello and welcome to LVann Designs! 

Let me start off by introducing myself; I’m Lacy, a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur. I have always had the dream of starting my own business, little did I know that I would begin my own business and work from home. Living the dream, right? I like to think so.

The blog you’re reading now is the first of many. Try not to worry though, the blogs won’t only be about tie dyes or purely about my business. Since owning and running a business from home is full of complexities no one really thinks about I plan on blogging about my journey, the whole journey. So, not only will you get to follow the growth of LVann Designs but you’ll gather a greater insight to what it takes to run a business and be the best mom and wife I can be. Some days I might blog about art or some awesome tie dying then, there will be days that I may blog about a recipe I love to make or maybe even a life hack of some sort; you’ll never know with me. I am also up for suggestions for blogs or even color combinations, send me a message, leave a comment; my business is nothing without my amazing community. 

I had originally written this post yesterday thinking I was going to launch on Halloween, later in the day I chose not to launch on a Holiday since making memories with our son is very important to us. I also thought about deleting the post and starting over until I realized that I promised you real. So this blog, and all future blogs will be full of nothing but the truth with glimpses of the life that I have built with my family and the growth of my business. I can assure you that my blogs will be entertaining and in most cases you might even learn something. So stick around to see what happens next. So without further adieu, here is my original launch blog:

Today marks a special day for my family; not only is it our son’s 2nd Halloween, it’s the day I’ve decided to launch my store and begin my new journey as a work at home mom. This year has been full of so much negativity yet has brought so much positivity. During quarantine I have taken a lot of time to really think about how I want my life to go and what I want my son to see me do. Obviously, for me, staying home to solely cook, clean and care for my family isn’t enough. I want to prove to my son and most importantly to myself that you can have the best of both worlds. 


The day my Husband and I found out I was pregnant was literally the happiest yet scariest day of my life. So many emotions and thoughts going through my head, it was overwhelming. That day however marked an important turning point in my life and what I wanted for myself and my family. I decided then that I needed to figure out how I could stay home to care for my family and help us out financially. I’ll be honest, I went back to work about 3 months after having my son. As much as I enjoyed my job and loved my fellow employees, the owner was awesome too, I wasn’t happy. I knew that we really could use the steady income because my Husband is a Software Developer so sometimes he gets paid multiple times in a month, sometimes nothing at all which is the price we pay for starting our own businesses, so I went back to work. Then, at a time when I was really starting to feel my mistake of working outside of my home, COVID-19 showed up. Quarantine was announced and since my son is young and we knew nothing about it I decided staying home instead of working was best to keep my family healthy and safe. A blessing in disguise for myself, so to speak. The way I saw it was that the Universe must have a better plan for me than working for someone else. I have been in customer service for my entire working career which started back in 2001 and have met some amazing people! The experiences I gained from working in customer service related positions are irreplaceable, I still have contact with some of the customers that I have helped throughout the years and think about them often because they have all helped me build the women I am today. It is the relationship with my customers that has always pulled me through my bad days.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and hope for the best damn lemonade you’ve ever tasted, right? Well, perhaps that will work for some but for me, it’s about the hard work and dedication you put into it that will create the best damn lemonade; so sweet, yet tart and so satisfying. LVann Designs has been a dream of mine that has developed into a crafts and textiles business, it has taken so many different twists and turns. At one point, I wanted to own a bakery, I quickly learned that wasn’t the career I wanted. I love baking and cooking for my family as a hobby and a way to provide nutrition for my family. I’ll be honest, sometimes I really, really don’t feel like cooking and other days I’m disappointed because the day is over and there’s no more cooking or baking to do. The next thing I thought about was graphic design. I attended school for graphic design and got my Certificate in Computer Graphics but never actually found the niche I was looking for. I still play with graphic art for fun and plan on selling custom pieces in the future but for now I have chosen to tie dye some t-shirts. 

Ever since I was a little girl I loved the experience of tie dying t-shirts. I love the bright colors and the fact that depending on how you fold and manipulate the material, different designs and colors blend creating a magnificent, wearable piece of art. The best part of the tie dying process is the reveal; after the item is washed and dried, this is when you see the final result. Tie dyed shirts are only the beginning of my journey, I am thrilled to have you be a part of my journey and experiences. The only way my business will work is my customers and the community I am looking to build around my art work whether it’s wearable or a piece to sit back and admire from a comfy chair. So join me on my journey as I build my business and create new relationships with amazing people, like you. I can assure you it will be an interesting journey. 

Halloween 2020: The year that brought the lemons for me to make lemonade for you.